Driven or Led?

Do you feel worn out? Burnt out? Do you find yourself busy every moment of every day and can’t seem to see what fruit is coming from all of your running around? If so, then maybe you are being driven and not led.  Let me explain.
If you are led by the Spirit then you produce fruit of the spirit. We learn in Galatians that examples of fruit of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness and self control.  So if we are being led by the spirit we should be experiencing and witnessing these fruits in our life.  However; If we find ourselves burnt out, worked out, worn out, lacking compassion, physically and mentally tired (without joy), then are we being led by the Spirit? Or are we being driven by our own self given “to-do list”, drive and ambition?  Are we doing the things God tells us to do, or are we doing the things we just feel we can’t say no to?
It is very tempting to do everything everyone else is doing, to be everywhere, take part in everything, but that isn’t God’s best for you. Even if they are all good things it may not be what the spirit is leading YOU to do.  Be willing to prioritize making sure to give proper time to God and allow rest as well. I go through times of re-organizing my life every so often as I find myself busy without fruit. It’s necessary to always be asking God what He wants you to do each day and listening to what you feel He is saying back. God calls us to be well balanced, to renew our mind and stay in the will of God without being conformed to the world.
Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
God can do amazing and wondrous things with just a hand full of minutes that are given to Him to use for His will, so much more than what can be accomplished in a lifetime of busy schedules and running around on our own. Do we want to accomplish a lot for the sake of getting things “checked off” of do we want to make a real difference in this world and do what God has for us to do?  God’s kingdom works very different than the world works. You need more time in your day to get things done, then spend a little time with God in the morning and see how he works to accomplish things in your day. It’s amazing to experience! Feel down, depressed, lonely, then give of yourself by helping others and see how God uses that to heal your own wounds.  The world teaches us to be self-centered, self reliant, self focused, but turn that attention off of self and onto God and see what amazing things can happen!
Lets prioritize God in our day and be led by him and not driven by ourselves, it’s the only way we can truly do all He has called us to do in our individual lives and as a church body. Without his help and guidance it’s just our own selfish agendas accomplishing a whole lot of nothing.
Speaking in Love and LOTS of experience on this topic : )
Pastor Ginny