Life On God’s Terms

But for you who welcome him (The Holy Spirit), in whom he dwells even though you still experience all the limitations of sin, you yourself experience life on God’s terms. (Romans 8:10 MSG)

We experienced a very powerful service this past Sunday at TGPA. If you weren’t with us, I encourage you to listen to the podcast of Pastor Ginny’s sermon about the Holy Spirit. The presence of God was there and many of us were compelled to invite the Holy Spirit into fill our lives in a new and powerful way. 

After such a wonderful experience, I was blown away to read the verse above. In it, the Apostle Paul writes that for those of us who welcome the Spirit to live in us, we now experience “life on God’s terms.” How amazing is that? The Spirit does not just give us a feeling on Sunday or advice during crisis (although He does both). The Spirit allows us to experience life as God intends for us to – as God Himself experiences it! This, my friends, changes everything. 

Imagine living every aspect of everyday life on God’s terms. Seeing the world as God sees it, loving others the way God loves them, fulfilling the plans that God has specifically for your life. For those in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, this is our new reality. We can live on God’s terms. 

What does that mean for you? If God were dropped into your body, what would He do with your day? With your job? With your social connections? With your free time? With your finances? With your talent? Consider this, and then realize that’s exactly what has happened. The very Spirit and life of God lives inside you and me and we are meant to live on His terms.

What will that look like for you today?

Pastor Deb