Milk of the Word

A few days ago, I received a text message from Pastor Maddie, our wonderful sister in The Lord, which included a picture of her daughter, Kristin, with her newborn baby.  Many of Maddie’s friends and family had been waiting for this little bundle of joy for quite a while, and we were all so excited to finally get the wonderful news; which made me begin to think about babies. Have you ever watched a baby drink from their bottle? They clutch it tightly, enjoying every drop, all the while making soft contented noises. They are completely content with the milk for a while; but they eventually enter a time when milk just isn’t enough to satisfy them. That’s when the baby’s parent begins to introduce the baby to a whole new world of food options.
Currently, in our home groups, we are studying the New Testament books 1 & 2 Peter. There is a passage (1 Peter 2:2) where Peter is describing the goodness of the Lord, and he compares the new believers to infants when he states that they, “long for the pure milk of The Word”.  Just like a baby, young Christians need to be drinking in the Scriptural truths to nourish their spirit.  But then, they will need to be weaned from this milk, to discover that there is a “whole new world of food options” and begin to feast on the “meat” of The Word. The key take away I want you to understand here is, you need to continue to feed on the Word. Once you get into it, once you taste it, you’ll begin to crave it and you will want more and more of it. It is not enough to come to church on a Sunday, to hear me, or one of the Pastors, talk about the Word.  No, as Christians, we need to begin to feast on the Word ourselves. Isaiah 25:6 says “God prepares a lavish banquet table for us”, this means there are multitudes of different dishes for us to enjoy. As your pastor, It is my desire – no my passion – to see you “EAT UP” and grow in knowledge of His wonderful Grace.
Pastor Keith