Psalm 139:13-15 TMB

Psalm 139:13-15 TMB
Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother’s womb. I thank you, High God-you’re breathtaking!
Do you understand the difference between being dependent and being insecure? God wants us to be dependent on Him. He wants us to understand that He has promised to meet our needs and that no matter what, He is there for us.  While He wants us to be dependent upon Him, He does not want us to feel  insecure.  They are actually very different.
To start with, insecure people have difficulty establishing good, lasting relationships. They simply cannot see how they could add value to anyone else’s life. This is a tragic loss, because every single person is a unique and special gift from God.  It is similar to art, as the real value of the painting comes from the artist who painted it.  All of Pablo Picasso’s works are extremely valuable, mainly because He was the artist. In the same way, your value comes from the Master Artists Himself, God.
Men and women who feel insecure are often seen as prideful, since a lack of confidence can often cause them to over compensate, which can easily be mistaken for an act of arrogance.  Insecure people can also struggle with anger and bitterness. As they continue to live their lives feeling so poorly about themselves, they start to resent the success and happiness of others. What’s more, insecurity frequently leads to indecisiveness and fear. People can be so consumed with self-doubt that it prohibits them from making any decisions at all. They may say to themselves, what if I make a mistake?  Well, so what if they do? Making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn how to do something correctly. Don’t be afraid to try. Even if you don’t succeed, you can at least rest in the fact that you did your best.
If any of these tendencies describe you, then ask God to address that root of insecurity. You see, it really is about His strength in our weakness. Let Him be your security. Don’t allow a root of insecurity bring devastation to your life, ministry, and relationships. Know that God created you and that He wants you to be secure in Him! Start today  by asking the Lord to heal your insecurities.
Pastor Keith