Did you ever collect rocks as a child? I did, and so did my mother.  We collected many a rock; some dark, some light, some rough, some smooth, some tiny, some large.  We put our rocks in a bag, and every once in a while we would dump out all our rocks, admire them, examine them, wash them, hold them and eventually put them back in the bag. 
Some of us still carry around our bag of rocks:  our problems, unforgiveness, sour attitudes, complaints, failures, even our accomplishments.  We take them out of the bag every so often, examine them with a fervent determination to get rid of them, change them, or clean them up, but then we put them back in the bag.
Folks, we all have rocks.  They are all around us.  You can see rocks inside your house, in your yard, on your street, at your work, at school, in the church.  Rocks occur naturally; even the earth’s crust is made up of rock. So there is no escaping rocks, but it IS time to stop dumping out your rocks, looking at them and then  putting them right back in your bag.  It’s time to take them to THE ROCK, Jesus, and lay them at His feet. There is only one real Rock anyway, and he is your Rock of refuge.
Psalm 31:3, 4  “You are my Rock and my Fortress; therefore for Your name’s sake lead me and guide me……..You are my Strength and my Stronghold.” 
Psalm 18:2  “The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer; my God, my keen and firm Strength in Whom I will trust and take refuge, my Shield, and the Horn of my salvation, my High Tower.”
Take all your rocks to Him, no matter what they are, and believe with confidence that He is going to take care of the situation. “When my heart is overwhelmed and weak, Lord, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”
Pastor Sherry