Spiritual Dipstick

As I am at the car dealership getting some routine maintenance done to my car, I began to think about how long and how far a driver could go if he never added oil to his engine or water to his radiator?  Eventually, without water to cool the radiator the smoke would start to billow from the hood and the car would start to overheat. And without the oil, nothing would be lubricated and you would start to hear metal hitting metal and the car could suffer huge damage.  Yet on the outside, when the car is parked, it looks perfectly fine. You would never know there was an issue until the car had to start moving.  Under the hood there is something called the “dip-stick”. This is the gauge by which you can measure the oil in the engine. There are lines on the dip stick showing exactly how much oil needs to be added.  When I am out driving the car, I would have no idea how much oil is in the engine. This is why I have to stop the car, open the hood and check. 


Like the car which needs oil and water to run, we need certain things too. We have spiritual “dip-sticks” in our lives.  Trials, offenses, pressure…they all allow us to examine how much oil is in our engine. Oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. This is the anointing of God’s presence in your life. This comes through prayer and worship. Water speaks of the washing of the Word to cleanse our minds and soul.  If you find yourself frustrated, angry, or fearful, remember to pullover. Lift your spiritual hood and make sure to add oil and water to your engine.
Pastor Keith