That “P” Word

If you are a part of one of our TGPA Home Groups, you know that we are currently studying the Book of James. In the first chapter, James tells us that the testing of our faith produces patience.  That “P” word is the one that most of us do not want to hear.  Most of us want our answers as soon as we ask the question. We simply do not like to wait, even if it is on God. Some of us even have a timetable where we give God a set amount of time to answer before we take things into our own hands and pave our own way. Often we get in trouble because of this, as we often put ourselves in danger when we move ahead of God’s timing.
As humans, we are more goal-oriented than process-oriented. This contrasts with the kingdom of God.  God is much more about the process than He is the end result.  Part of His plan for our lives is to develop character.
Throughout Scripture, we see many people who had to wait on the Lord. One of them is King David. His life really teaches us about waiting on God.  When David was a young shepherd boy, the prophet Samuel anointed him as Israel’s next king. Yet, he did not become that king for many years.  I am sure he questioned God, and asked why it was taking so long, but by faith, David continued to wait. Waiting for the Lord to place him on the throne was made more difficult because the current king, Saul, turned against David and repeatedly tried to take his life. Despite the opportunity to take matters into his own hands and kill his enemy, David held back, even when he could have killed Saul himself. He also would not allow anyone else to attack Saul.  Instead, David waited on God and was greatly blessed for his obedience.
As believers, we want to obey the Lord, but there may be situations when intense desire propels us forward without waiting for His direction. God may speak to your heart about a ministry, job, or relationship. The important thing to remember is if God reveals part of His plan for your life, you have to wait for Him to open up the doors for you.  So TGPA folks, as James 1:2-4 says, “Know that the testing of your faith produces patience, and let patience have its perfect work that you may be complete, lacking nothing.”
Pastor Keith