What is Meditation?

What is Meditation? How Do I Accomplish It? Why Do I Need It? 

Meditation is a pleasant “murmuring” of Scripture to yourself. “….In his law doth he meditate….” Psalm 1: Hagah: to murmur (in pleasure); to ponder.

Meditation is a quiet reflection upon the words of Scripture. “…Thy testimonies are my meditation” Psalm 119:99 Siychah: reflection with deep devotion; to contemplate; thoughtful utterances of Scripture.

Meditation is a musical repetition of God’s Word. “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart…” Ps. 19:14 Higgayown: a musical notation; a murmuring sound.

Meditating is a prayerful reviewing of Scripture. “Meditate upon these things…” I Timothy 4:15 Meletao: to carefully revolve in the mind; to muse upon.

To meditate is to commune with God in the language of His own written Word. And to meditate is to worship God in spirit and in truth.

The words and phrases of Scripture are a storehouse of rich wisdom and insight. God wants us to open these storehouses, enjoy the wealth they contain, and apply them to our lives.

You can easily begin your meditation right now Bring to mind a Scripture that you have previously memorized. (Example – ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” – Matt.4:4) Either silently or aloud, use the Scripture to express to the Lord your mind, will, and emotions; in other words – personalize it. (Example – Lord, I will not live by bread alone, buy by every word that proceeds out of Your mouth!”) Now, repeat it, and every time you do – emphasize a different word.

(Example – “I (man/woman) shall not live by bread alone…..”

“I shall not live by bread alone….”

“I shall not live by bread alone….”)

Now try visualizing and applying each word as it relates to your life. (Example – “Man shall not….” A final decree. No one will change it. A firm negative. “Man shall not live…..” Living is more than just existing. There is a physical life and spiritual life. God made us to enjoy the pleasures of life in His presence. He made life. God is life. He is my life.)

Got it? Now work on the same Scripture and repeat the process until the Scripture is engrafted into your soul. In this way the Scripture will become so closely associated with your thinking, your emotions, and your will, that it will actually become a part of you. You will find yourself enjoying life more and you will be much more content.


Pastor Sherry