Whose Report Are You Going To Believe?

Once there lived a mighty warrior named Gideon. His story can be found in Judges 6 and 8. He was a hero amongst the Israelites, but not in the beginning. When you read the story you will discover that Gideon doubted his own abilities and was full of fear. He had suffered so many defeats and failures that he felt unqualified for what God wanted him to do. He lacked confidence and was weak. But that’s not how God saw Gideon. God’s report about Gideon was that Gideon was fearless, full of courage and confident! That’s how God sees you also!
God’s report about you is that:
“You are more than a conqueror.” Rom. 8:37
“You are God’s workmanship.” Eph 2:10
“You are an overcomer.” 1 John 2:14c
“You are accepted in the Beloved.” Eph 1:6 NKJV
“You are a special treasure…God’s own possession.” Deut. 14:2
“You do NOT have a spirit of fear; you have power, love, and a sound mind.” ITim.1:7
Today you have three choices regarding whose report you are going to believe about yourself. Will you believe your report, someone else’s report, or God’s report?
Have a blessed week, Beloved……
Pastor Sherry